Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Edna Aker is a psychic ( ) from Kentville in the valley NS. She is very well known in NS and probably elsewhere. Now I didn't believe in these people , but over the years I have met people who do, but I was always the " seeing is believing sort ", until a friend of mine was talking about a reading she had and all the stuff coming true over a period of time after the reading so I , knowing her life personally , listened to her CD and shit , right !!
So , still being a skeptic, I emailed her with a fake email, name and a phone # that wasn't mine and did so behind the back of my friend : ) (just in case)
I had a reading at the end of May. She asked only for my first and middle name on the phone
....she knew.....
that I had a circulation problem with one arm and that I should see a Doctor, I did have and I did see and I had a pinched nerve that kept putting my arm to sleep at night ( 1 for her )
.....she knew that I had a screwed up knee and one leg ( same ) was in really bad shape and that I nearly killed myself physically the year before ( Alberta working 12 hour days 7 days a week for 4 months with 1 week off the whole time) I had Achilles tendinitis, stressed hamstring, and a pulled tendon in the knee plus , she said " you have arthritis in your knee, (at the time she was right. (2 for her )

.......she knew that I had been to the valley, in fact within 10 minutes of her house , she said that could only be the Kentville hospital which is where I had been for getting the knee looked at ( 3 for her)
she knew that I had or was taking a course ,( I took the English Language for Teachers ( ESL) in Halifax the following month, ) The course was in June and I stayed at my friends in Halifax. When I had called her to tell her I had been accepted she said , remember Joyce , Edna had told me that a friend would be staying with me for awhile who had arthritis. (4 for her )
......she said I would have 3 funerals this year and one would be traumatic for the family ( she didn't say my family ) but the 3 funerals were my brother Sandy , which was traumatic. The other two , my Uncle Bobby and Karen's brother Perry. I don't know if my brother Karl remembers , but after moving here I had called him and towards the last of the conversation I asked him if anyone had died ...he said no and then a short time later his brother-in-law had. Why I asked I don't know ....
( 5 for her)
.......she told me I would be spending Christmas with someone I didn't expect to spend it with or really didn't know that well , well here I am and I won't be going home till next November !! ( 6 for her) .....there is a lot more that she talks about, some things haven't happened yet......some have ..going to court, and not to worry about that as it will turn out to be fine ( These nit wits we outed selling swamp land on ebay and stopped them )

.......someone wants me to sell my house..I have been asked , she said don't and I'm not .( 7 for her)
.......she says that I'm always taking care of other's and I should take care of myself more (doing that now)

....that I am very sensitive , and will be to the day I die, that my bark is way worse than my bite ! the sensitivity is starting to show more in my beginning senior years , and that I will live to be ancient , now this people , this is not something I relish !! .... that I need to baby my eyes ( I need glasses bad ( 8/9/10/11/12 for her)
........she talks of a person who's deceased around me who I talk to a lot , who wants to go to a higher plain who I will be able to contact twice if I so wish. I believe this to be my son Shawn...and because of my distrust ......I decided to contact a different psychic which I did and she talked about him as if she knew him.....
.....There is a lot more that has happened or hasn't happened as yet , specific things, three in particular are very interesting if they happen ...stay tuned !!
.......This coming month (Dec.) I have set another appointment with Edna ,but not to know about me, I want to talk with my son and my brother's stay tuned and we'll see what happens.


  1. Wow Joyce! That's creepy and cool all at the same time.

  2. Be careful with this Aunt Joyce!!!! It's true the spirits know things but remember that there are bad spirits too!! They make it sound really good because they feed on what you want to hear!!!!
    Trust me, I've been through it and I never ever want to know my future again!!!! Just my opinion :>)

  3. Hi, I just came across this blog. I was thinking about going to see Edna. You mentioned that you would be setting up another appointment in Dec. How did that go? Did all her predictions come to fruition? Any insight would be great.

  4. Sorry , I haven't been here for awhile , yes I did another reading and it was just unbelievable what she knows and Yanny , thee was some stuff I dint want to hear, not really bad but things I need to take care of. This woman is legit, she used to help the RCMP find kids in NS , she's well respected.

  5. I have had readings by Edna. She is love.

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