Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The weather is so interesting up here...: ) either freeze your butt off high wind chill days, snappy cold sunny days , snappy cold cloudy days, blustery snowy days, or decent cold sunny days, whatever the weather, it is different !! For example today is a blustery snowy day but its a bit warmer than usual which means the snow is packy and sticking to the windows !.Also windy enough that the table I'm working on moves every once in awhile from a wind gust, of course , having no basement and stuck up on stilts,it has to be expected : )

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Just came in awhile ago from a wonderful blizzard type storm with a wind chill of minus 50 ..!! yaaahooo, another "A" one experience in my life, almost didn't make it up the dam hill because I couldn't see two feet in front of me !! had it not been for the car ahead of me I'd still be sitting on the side of the road wondering where "home" was !
Why was I out in that you ask ? Well its Saturday, my day off so I said to hell with the weather I'm going down the hill to check some stuff out so off I went It wasn't THAT bad when I left, blowing, but I could see : )
Went to the Library, went to find an artist I had planned to look up ( I should have called first I guess , as she wasn't home)went to the North Mart to price some stuff and buy lotto tickets ( does anyone ever win up here ? )
Then decided to check out the Nova Hotels Lounge " The Kickin Caribou" Wow , a very nice place, friendly tarbenders, Jordan for one , great guy, bought my ticket for the Superbowl Feb. 7th party and thought ...think I'll come back and have a Musk Ox Burger !!, so went home, unloaded some stuff , changed clothes and away I went. Needless to say , for someone who doesn't really partake of the red meats, this was definately one heck of a good darn good burger, soon going back for fresh frozen haddock which he says will match anything from Nova Scotia !! Obviously he hasn't had my buddy Rickys fish !! but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and try it.: )


Cripes, I though it was only 2 weeks ago that I got off the plane !....soooo, well, so far not a bad place to be , could be worse, could be in Haiti ! What in Gods name did those poor people ever do to deserve the shit kicking their taking I ask ?? Christ... enough allready.
I try to stay on top of whats going on but I just cry too much so I've had to stop looking at the videos and pictures, sent money , nothing more to do but pray to God things will soon turn around.
Oh and I get so pissed at these idiots who rant " Why isn't anyone doing anything? " Why don't they get in there and give them food and water " well I'll tell you why dipshits...they can't ...when you have a country so poor that lacks even the normal infrastructure what do you expect? Think of it this way family are starving , their on the other side of the house, you can only get there through the front door , but there is crap piled 6 feet high in every room of the house and guess what " you have no arms !! Got it ??
Oh, I have to stop....I could go on and on and on about those a--holes : )