Friday, August 27, 2010


The other evening while out, I saw a white convertible and thought " the nerve of some people ", intruding here with that , in this sacred place ....then looked across the harbour at piles upon piles of dark storm clouds, layering the horizon, and the next morning I write...

The dark voluptuous clouds, line the horizon, stacked one on one
They stare at me from across the cold freeze of water
I am the intruder.....

The bear, muscles quivering under a coat the colour of clotted cream
The eyes glaring ,walks not that far behind me
I am the intruder.....

The tundra screams as I tread across it's glorious skin
The beautiful ancient plants cry silently at the sting
I am the intruder....

As I walk the path of many before me,
The ancient, deep set eyes meet mine, and smile knowningly
For I am the Intruder................


Haven't been here for some time, busy with summer, was home for two weeks in August , thanks to my super employers !! Was good to see everyone but glad to get back to cool weather.
And I was anxious about Presley as the court was making a decision as to where he was to go...fortunately he is going to be with his little sister whom he often talks about,  who is with an RCMP family that is a relief...though I am really heart broken that he has to leave at all...but I believe in the Gods, everything for a reason.We will be able to stay in touch , thank heavens !!