Friday, August 27, 2010


The other evening while out, I saw a white convertible and thought " the nerve of some people ", intruding here with that , in this sacred place ....then looked across the harbour at piles upon piles of dark storm clouds, layering the horizon, and the next morning I write...

The dark voluptuous clouds, line the horizon, stacked one on one
They stare at me from across the cold freeze of water
I am the intruder.....

The bear, muscles quivering under a coat the colour of clotted cream
The eyes glaring ,walks not that far behind me
I am the intruder.....

The tundra screams as I tread across it's glorious skin
The beautiful ancient plants cry silently at the sting
I am the intruder....

As I walk the path of many before me,
The ancient, deep set eyes meet mine, and smile knowningly
For I am the Intruder................


  1. Good stuff Joyce... it is usually our thought that we are the Kings of our domains, but truly as you write...we are the intruders. I pray that each day you have a deeper sense of your walk, gain a broader perspective of your environment and then continue to share it with us. So sad that I did not get opportunity to chat while I was home... Karen appreciated the hug... I felt it! LOL Blessings Girl! Edwin

  2. Yes it was such a surprize to see Karen !! Didn't expect that one,she tells me of your challenges, Gods Grace be with you in your efforts, and Gods grace be with you and your family during these trying times is hard when its your kids son...very hard...
    BIG HUGS to you both !!