Monday, March 1, 2010

Growing up stuff and grown up stuff...

Was never a morning  kid ....get out of a warm bed on a winter school morning, ran down stair, stuck my feet in the oven of the kitchen wood stove and went back to sleep. Now I am a morning person.

Killing bats with a broom in the attic on rainy days, skinning rabbits with brother Sandy, putting on our swim suits and running around in a summer rain storm. Having him beat the blood suckers off the back of my legs when we swam in the cove at Welchtown Lake. Walking with Sandy back and forth to school listening to him sing.

Sitting in the hay loft on boring Saturdays with a twenty-two , shooting rats when they stuck their heads out..It made me one heck of a good shot, now I don't like guns.

Cutting snakes in half to free the hop toads.

Hauling a team of oxen during Shelburne exhibition in the girls haul and later in the Ladies haul and once using Sandy's oxen, and beating his percentage !, the teamsters really ribbed him about that one .

After school, in the warm spring afternoons,sleeping under a pine tree half way across the Welchtown road until dad picked me up on his way by with the log truck, scaling logs on Welchtown Lake and running the logs ( log rolling ) to stay on .

Going to bed fully dressed In order not to miss out on going with dad back to camp on the weekends with the oxen.

I was usually always in charge of the game “Cowboys and Indians” in the neighborhood and was really pissed when my brother Sandy ,got the beautiful double holster guns for Christmas and I got the single gun with a canteen. !!

I bet 10 bucks with my Uncle Charlie who owned a pig house that I could save a runt pigs life, one winter night I took one home under my jacket because Charlie said it was going to die. ( I did save its life but never got paid ) I loved that Porky pig, even cried when they castrated him.... I learned about injustice when I sold that big hog for 50 bucks believing that they were keeping him for a pet too.... kids will believe anything.

I got to see a hurricane rip huge 15 foot sheets of tin off Uncle Charlie's barn roof; and another time watch five sets of lights (alien space ships ) pass over Uncle Harry's house. : )

I remember how shocked I was when Grampy Howard died, (I didn't know people died till then.) It took years before I understood that some day I would die.

My brother Sandy let me drive dads new Massey Ferguson tractor , which I ran into Charlie's pig house roof, Sandy got the blame for letting me drive it ......damage to tractor ......about a grand....roof was fine.

I wanted to be a vet for the longest time but we couldn't afford college..... I used to keep snakes in shoe boxes in the shop loft until one bit me, then I threw them all out.

I thank my father, bless his heart , for instilling in me that I was a tough little girl, and I could do anything.....!

I thank my mother , bless her heart , for having such tenacity in anything she did and for being such a darn good cook !

Uncle Charlies kids had a piebald horse, who was crazy. I was riding him down the lane, full gallop when he stopped dead in his tracks, threw me over his head and me landing on the dirt road, stunned. I heard the kids saying “is she dead” as I was coming around. I got my wind and got back on that miserable nag.

Charlies oldest boy was practiceing with the shotgun one day, pointed towards out house, good thing it was a distance because as I opened the porch door the pellets were hitting the screen.

My girlfriends pierced my ears by numbing them with ice...I was 13 and remember the needle going through.........sounded like a knife through cardboard.

We used to cut each other's  hair with razor blades in the bathroom at school.

It wasn't until I had a rare cancer in 1991 and survived , that I realized that material things don't mean a dam thing, they really don't .

I lost one of my sons in 2001 and with that ....a terrible hidden feeling of emptiness pervades my whole body on a daily basis and will until the day I die. This I know to be true.

With age comes the willingness to accept people for who they are (though at times its hard and you just want to kick some in the butt ! ) and of course me understanding me, and knowing there are times when some people want to kick my butt ! That's just too bad : ) .

I love to laugh more than anything, cook up a storm, go off on adventures, hang out with true friends and sometimes just spend time alone (keeps me centered)

I love small towns to live in and big cities to visit.

I love being over 50 years old, there is a freedom and understanding that comes with this age.

If there is ever an underground group formed to shoot convicted pedophiles I will probably be on the board and have the best and biggest hand gun.

My feelings about legalizing grass ? Why not ? just about everyone I have known in my life has smoked it , and thats a lot of people ....yet I know none who are addicted and most; including myself who just don't bother with it anymore or occasionally take a puff if offered.. Actually I know more people with drinking problems ! so there you go !!

I don't know what I would do without my very best non human friends , Maddy and Jackson, and my human friends , Kimmie, Monk,  Char,  and the rest of the "bush women" of Ohio.

I believe the worst thing that could happen to you ,(other than losing a child), is dying regretting that you didn't do something. whatever your thinking and whatever the dream “ just get it done " !

I am totally of the belief that the human race should become extinct in order to save every other life form on this planet. And that thought greatly saddens me.

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  1. Growing up is hard, yet we survive. Living is hard cause we have to face those realities that we don't want to know exist. Death is hard when it is others... ours is a source of comfort when faced as a reality. I know that each day we live like there is joy in living, blessings to be gained in giving joy to others. I like your blog!!!