Friday, December 16, 2011


It saddens me to find out that my little girl dog Maddie was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with a heart condition, she is now on heart pills and was doing pretty good until she had a couple of seizures 2 days ago and yesterday. It seems that maybe she has low blood sugar so she will be going back to the vet on Monday for blood work. I am so worried about her and I know shes 3 months shy of being 12 but she and her brother have been very special to me and helped me through some hard times in my life.  I couldn't take them to the Arctic so they are living in Shelburne and are well taken care of by my ex...and when I go home they go with me for the vacation time that I have. I am really hoping that she gets at least a few more years , she enjoys life so much just sitting and watching the squirrels, going in the car and she loves her walks. I will be home on the 27th and she will be the first non human I will go see !!

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  1. I wish you a very merry christmas or happy holiday as the case may be. I was looking up Edna Aker and somehow your name came up. I admire what I see you to be living. Blessings Beth