Friday, September 9, 2011


WOW, What a life !, ended up going back to Baffin for 2.5 months in the spring , then back to the country ranch for 7 weeks, just past Elton Johns place : ) seriously ! then back to To. Since then we have settled down a lot more ,flew my grandson and his mom up for a 8 day visit in July, greeted Dom at the airport with a clown , he was floored !, took them out to the ranch,to the Lion Safari which was awesome, Ontario place and Toronto Zoo. It was such a treat having them here.
Then I planned the trip out West to see Gordie, what fun that was, Carol, Karl and myself, landed in Calgary , drove West through the mountains to Canmore then North through the Rockies. Stayed at Mica Mountain Lodge on the way through and Heavens Edge Lodge on the way back.
The next adventure is flying my grandson Patrick from Calgary to Toronto on Sept 30th.and then we are headed home to N. S for a few days visit. I haven't seen him in 4 years so this will be wonderfull.
I had planned to go to the Silver Cities in Mexico in Dec. but since then I have been looking at a trip to the Copper Canyons which are further South of there. The only problem is it will have to be at some other time of year so I'm aiming for next October ! This Christmas...maybe just a jaunt down to N.B and N.S.
The weather is the only thing I mind here in To, hot and humid for almost 3 months, it just broke about 3 days ago, man its rough, but it could be worse so I will thank the Lord that it isn't. The only thing I realy missed were the awesome thunder storms they had here early August while we were in B.C . Darn !!! Think I miss the Arctic !!

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