Sunday, March 6, 2011


Someone asked me why I hadn't been blogging...well; because I've had my hands full I guess. Settling in to Toronto is no small feat, the boss let me outfit my room so of couse loving to save money and always looking to do so , I found Kijiji and bought everything there , even my Ipod ! That required driving around the big city by myself usually, picking up all my gem finds ! and I did well, only took a few wrong turns but always found my way back, such an adventure ! and now that I have been here awhile, it's not so bad : )

I guess once you get to know a place it gets smaller....I have been to a play by Christopher Plummer called "Barrymore" that was really halarious and you know I love humour ! Last night was the Mariinsky Ballet "Swan Lake" absolutely thrilling music and dancers, just beautifull, Soon we will be attending the musical "South Pacific".

Have been sampling some of the great food to be found around here, riding the subway just to get used to it, looking forward to a trip on a "GO" train, but will save that for summer. Next weekend on Saturday morning a trip to the St. Lawrence market is planned, can't wait !

Also on the lookout for a new camera, a dock for my Ipod and a family Doctor !!

Planning a trip to see Darren , Jess and Dominic for Easter, a trip home 1st week of July, a trip with brother Karl and sister Carol out to Alberta to see our oldest brother Gordie and my grandson Patrick 2nd week of August and maybe another week home in October and making plans for the big trip to Mexico for December !!

All of this, plus looking after my two beautiful charges keeps me pretty busy !!

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