Saturday, October 30, 2010


Anyone who thinks that this isn't a gift of a lifetime, does not understand their Canada and that you should make all effort to take the opportunity when the Arctic comes a calling.

Very few people have been on Baffin Island, when you compare it to the population of Nova Scotia even. A very spirtual place, a place where death is just across a very thin line.... if you step over it.

Meeting the Inuit elders wo are so gentle and kind of heart, watching the mums AND the dads, carry their children on their backs in beautifuly home made "Amouti " parkas, to see the trappings of wilderness roaming in a Government seat city , to walk the tundra where ancient plants still thrive,to bathe in the glory of the Northern Lights gleaming above your head, to see the leftovers of a distant ice would be a fool to give up the chance to come here !!.......just saying : )

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  1. It is actually one of my dreams to experience the Artic. Hopefully it will come true one day.