Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TORONTO BOUND......32 days

I have been trying to figure out why I am going to end up in Toronto, Ontario ? Hopefully to win the lottery... since it appears that that's where most of the winners come from : )
I have never liked Toronto.... or at least the week I spent there once on a management course. Too many people, too much smog, just not my thing. Fortunately the bosses mom has a beautiful ranch style home an hour outside of the city where I can take the kids, lots of horses, bison farms, markets ...everything !! I will love that !!
The other thing I will love are the really good restaurants so I can experience some new cuisine. And there are plays, operas, hockey games, comedy clubs ( which I adore ) china town for shopping, and loads of other stuff to do.
Now that my knee is shaping up I can hopefully start a weight lifting program again. There is a gym close by with a trainer, so that should work out well !
Still I am not so sure of the summers, I will certainly be missing the cool fresh air here in the Arctic , on those horrible humid days that Toronto suffers through every summer for two to three weeks.
Those will be the days to get out of town !!
Once settled I will start planning my trip to Mexico for next December...getting so very excited and not the least bit worried about the problems their having , as its no where near where I will be. I miss that Country so much ! I want to check out the school in Techuacan, as that's where I've been accepted to teach, and I may do that one of these days in the foreseeable future , if I live that long  : )

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  1. Live that long???? My dear girl... you are goning to go and go and go for a long time yet. Your zeal for life, your continuing desire for exploration and the idea that there yet more to be seen will keep you young and healthy. Glad to hear of your prospects in Mexico... Maybe someday I will catch up with yoy and get a hug in some foreign land. Blessings and keep up the great focus on being outside the box.