Sunday, December 20, 2009

But before this...

So now I have to go back in time to 1991 ,before I go on with this otherwise you will think me crazy, yes , I too have though it myself, but the more I talk to people who have experienced this sort of thing, the more I think I'm OK...well maybe.
I was born a skeptic, I have only ever believed in what I could see,when it came to the spirit world of any sort, religious or otherwise , forget it, I was not convinced of any of it,and then my mother died.
Were it not for a friend of mine with me that day , I would say I was crazy and off my rocker and had imagined the whole thing.
She was dying of cancer, I was on my way to Halifax for a checkup after my cancer operation. My friend drove and when we came abreast of Liverpool a sea gull swooped down in front of the car , back to us , and we hit it , or vice versa, did some damage to the chrome trim so we continued on.I became very anxious. Once finished my appointment, I insisted on driving back. I was agitated, and by the time I got to Bridgewater I could clearly hear my mother singing as plain as if she were sitting in the back seat. I looked over at my friend and said "do you hear that", do you hear that singing ? the look was "are you out of your mind" and no,I hear nothing. I just kept driving, listening , then asked " are you sure" more blank stares and an offer to take the wheel.
As I approached Liverpool again, I blurted out " there's a message on the answering machine from Sandy". No more was said and as soon as I got home , the message was there. He said, " get up here as soon as you can", I did,just in time for her to move her head close to my neck, sigh and pass on, to hopefully a better place. I was singing the song she had been singing to me on my way back from Halifax.
My first ever encounter with something that was not in my world of black and white. Then we come forward ten years. I still believe,or the only reason I can justify for these strange happenings is the connection you have and the stress your body deals with when you lose a loved one. Either its one hell of an imagination or there is a spiritual connection to help quiet your soul.

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  1. Well dear, I am all for the Spiritual connection assisting us with Soul Matters. We choose what, when, where and how to believe. But it is always a choice. You are not alone in the struggle. I'm here... you know that, but many others feel the same as you do and struggle every day as well. You know me....